29 May 2012

Thank you: $4280 raised for breast cancer research

I am thrilled to announce that I met my revised fundraising target of $4000 for the Mother Day Classic I participated in two weeks ago. 

I received 115 individual donations to the National Breast Cancer Foundation's research programs, raising a total of $4,280 which ranked me the number 7 highest fundraiser for the Melbourne MDC out of 41,567 participants and the 26th ranked national fundraiser, helping raise over $4 million this year. Considering I only launched the fundraising drive one week before the MDC, I was very happy with the final result. I am now a member of the Classic Pink Fundraising Club, for those MDC participants who have raised over $3000. 

Inspired by what I accomplished this year, I have now set my sights on raising $10,000 for the 2013 MDC. I’ll launch my fundraising drive early in 2013. 

Thank you to everyone who made a donation, whether it was to me or to another MDC participant. Your contribution is making a difference to many, many women in your community.

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  1. Well done, Ross - how inspiring! In fact, you have inspired me to raise $5K for multiple sclerosis research in our City to Bay in September. Thank you - and congratulations too.