06 November 2013

Which agencies are best taking advantage of their LinkedIn presence?

In preparation for my review of recruitment agencies' career sites, which I will be publishing next month, I decided to have a look at how effectively recruitment agencies are using both their careers page (additional fee) and company page (free) on LinkedIn.
For many recruitment agencies, having an effective presence on LinkedIn is part of an overall online strategy to build a community of people interested in their agency.
As LinkedIn themselves say ... it's the opportunity to: 
  • Tell your company's story
  • Highlight your products and services
  • Engage with followers
  • Share career opportunities
  • Drive word of mouth at scale 

For millions of professionals, a Company Page is a place to: 
  • Explore companies of interest
  • Get the latest company updates and industry news
  • Research products & services
  • Learn about job opportunities 
So are recruitment agencies taking advantage of this opportunity?
Not so well, if I consider my review of a random selection of about 30 recruitment agencies who have purchased a LinkedIn company careers page.
Here are my thoughts on the Top 5 agency LinkedIn pages I reviewed.

# of followers
# of
Non-job updates and follower engagement?
At least half a dozen daily updates including non-English language updates. These consistently receive 'likes'. They also have a slick 'work for us' video. There are five links to specific Australian and New Zealand content.
Updates posted several times a day. These consistently receive 'likes'. Very professional 'Powering the World of Work' video. Link provided to Hays Australia website.
Non-job updates posted several times a week. These consistently receive 'likes'. A couple of SlideShare presentations available.
Non-job updates posted several times a week. These consistently receive 'likes'.
Inconsistent updates two to three times per month. These consistently receive 'likes'. Chandler Macleod 'unleashing potential' video.
Daily updates with consistent follower comments and likes
Non-job updates are posted weekly
daily updates (at minimum)

HM = honourable mention

Both Hays and Michael Page do an excellent job of really making their LinkedIn pages work for them but as huge global businesses, you would certainly expect both of them to be jostling for 'line honours', well ahead of much smaller competitors.
Easily the best agency effort, considering size and resources (ie the winner on 'handicap'), was Clicks IT Recruitment. As a relatively small local agency company compared to the many international recruitment agencies, Clicks have done an outstanding job in personalising their pages using quality content.
The recruitment agencies that didn't qualify for the above ranking (because they don't have a LinkedIn Careers page) but who are doing an excellent job with follower engagement using their general company LinkedIn page, include publicly listed companies Clarius and Ambition as well as Sydney accounting and business support recruiter people2people.
The things that effective agencies were generally doing were: 
  • Recent posting of relevant material
  • Personalised content providing some insights into the agency culture and points of difference
  • Engagement with their audience (comments, followers, likes etc) 

Agencies wasting their LinkedIn opportunity were generally just posting jobs and nothing else or were irregular with posting non-job updates or clearly were making very little effort to build and engage followers.
If your online presence is important to you (and I believe it certainly should be), then I suggest your two important starting points are your own website and your LinkedIn presence.

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