20 December 2016

Vale Danni Cookesley: Fundraising champion and wonderful human being

I had planned on ending this year with a light hearted blog about the eclectic music preferences of those in the recruitment industry. I had the requisite responses from those whose preferences I requested but on Friday the Mother’s Day Classic posted a brief note on their Facebook page as follows. (click on image to enlarge)

Danni Cookesley 

I was shocked to receive this terrible news.

I first met Danni in 2012 when I started my MDC fundraising efforts following the death of my sister a few months earlier.

As described in the above post, I was immediately won over by Danni’s friendly nature, great attitude and wonderful enthusiasm for the cause of breast cancer fundraising.

Each year at the MDC in Melbourne, Danni and I would reconnect and she would thank me for my fundraising efforts. Last year The MDC CEO Sharon Morris advised me that Danni was on sick leave as she battled brain cancer. I briefly saw Danni at the 2016 MDC where she came across as her friendly, exuberant self. I was optimistic that the treatments Danni was receiving were having a positive impact

Sadly this was to be the last time I saw Danni.

Danni passed away last Wednesday at the age of 45.

Danni is survived by her husband Craig and her two young sons, Jack and Leo.

Thank you, Danni, for making a massive difference in the lives of many others, most of whom you never met. Your selfless contribution to help find a way to fulfill the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) goal of ‘zero breast cancer deaths by 2030’ has been an inspiration to many and is a legacy worthy of your life.

May you rest in peace, Danielle Mary Cookesley.
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